Don’t forget: Minimum Wage increases effective from 1 October

Make a note NOW to double check your staff pay rates when you do your first pay run in October.

The rate for employees over 21 has risen from £6.31 to £6.50.

Find the other rates here.


Linda will be talking about how to build a one page business plan at Speciality Fine Food Fair on Monday 8 September. You can also drop in for a one-to-one mentoring session with Linda on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday.

Speciality Fine Food Show: 7-9 Sept 2014

linda_new clothes_blog

Hurray, we’re back, sporting a new look!

We’ve been away a while having our website and blog refreshed.
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It's VAT return deadline week for those with July quarter end. Don't forget to make your payment by Friday 5 September

Gentle reminders from Linda

Great Taste Awards - top tips for entries

Great Taste Awards: how does the judging work?

In 2011 I wrote about my experience of being one of the Great Taste Award judges and the judging process. The awards have just been announced for 2014 so I thought it was worth sharing how the process works and what the stars ‘mean’. Read more…


Stationery Finds #1

Here at Bright Blue Skies we’re rather fond of nice stationery. And why not? There’s nothing like a new notebook to make you feel ready for action. Its not all notebooks we like other stationery stuff too and these are just so good. Read more…

Colour Pallet

Web Tips: colour schemes

Over the years I’ve done lots of bits of web design and one of my favourite bits is testing out colour schemes. Read more…


Social Media Tips: twitter competitions

One Friday back in 2012 I spotted the beginning of a great example of how to use Twitter if you are a small business… Read more…

CMO social landscape

Social Media Tips: which platforms do what

There lots of information out there about social media tools. Lots of experts and lots of websites. Read more…