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Starting up and running a business is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. You want to be in charge of as much as possible but you don’t always have the time or the skills to be on top of everything.

That’s where bright blue skies comes in. We can be your own bite-sized experienced business manager who helps take the strain or plug gaps.

We can run projects for you, give you tools and knowledge to do things better, help out when you are stuck or just too busy. In essence, we can be part of your team making your plans happen for your business.

With bright blue skies as your right-hand helper your business life becomes simpler: leaving you more focused AND making your business better.

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"The way Linda works means that we see her as an integral part of our management team. She helps me see the different options and their implications. She is open, direct and supportive." Wendy Wilson Bett, Peter’s Yard

How we do it

With a mix of coaching, strategy design, project management and doing, our aim is to help your business get the most out of your time.

One of our proven skills is that we get to know you and your business thoroughly. We know that to work together you need to trust that we can help you grow and meet your goals. You need to know that we care about what you care about!

At bright blue skies we have lots of business knowledge. We listen to what you and your business need and we tailor how to work with you to best fulfil those needs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the case studies to see how we’ve worked with some of our clients in a way that benefits them.

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We did

We’ve worked with a whole host of great businesses, on one-off projects, coaching them, setting them off on exciting paths. The thing they all have in common is a desire to grow their business in the way that makes sense for them. If you want to know more about the kind of people we work with then please get in touch. 

Here’s four examples of how bright blue skies has helped clients run their businesses better. We’re pleased to have played (and still play) a part in their success stories. We love happy tales!

Peters Yard logotype

Case Study: Peter’s Yard

Sector: Food, bakery products
Size: £1m+
Established: 2007

bright blue skies has worked with the premium crispbread brand, Peter’s Yard, since 2008 defining and delivering their online strategy across multiple channels from Twitter to website via Pinterest and beyond. As the business has grown we’ve adapted the strategy to fit with the client’s growing needs including detailed guidance implementing a new website. We are part of their team talking with their voice across online media.

Their ambitious growth plans mean we challenge them to do better at every turn and work with the management team to support that growth. Currently we are helping them implement fit for purpose systems and processes to enable the next stage of growth.



Fitzbillies Logo Full Size

Case Study: Fitzbillies

Sector: Food, bakery, food retail and hospitality
Size: 35+ staff
Established: 2011

bright blue skies has worked with Fitzbillies right from the start, initially helping the prospective owners develop a business plan that could win the competitive tender to takeover the existing business and premises.

We continue to work with Fitzbillies making sure they have the right processes and financial information to manage the business day-to-day and make informed decisions for growth. bright blue skies frees up the owners’ time allowing them to focus on production, sales and marketing.


Case Study: Brays Cottage

Sector: Food, Artisan pork pies
Size: 10 staff
Established: 2006

We work with Brays Cottage owner, Sarah Pettegree, as an extra pair of management hands, doing things she doesn’t have time for (or the inclination) so that she’s free to concentrate on winning new customers.

bright blue skies are involved in many aspects of the business as a bite-size general manager that Sarah can call on with HR queries, design, ideas, ownership structures and more.

“I always turn to Linda to clarify my thinking... she helps me arrive at strategic decisions much more swiftly and confidently than I otherwise would.” Sarah Pettegree, Brays Cottage

“Working in the media while running a commercial food concern involves lots of disparate business streams. Linda alone has drawn this into a professional structure. Throughout, though, she has remained a trusted strategic and financial advisor.” Tim Hayward, Food Writer and Proprietor, Fitzbillies

Meet us


Linda Williams
founder of bright blue skies

Linda has 25 years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses. Trained as a Chartered Accountant she always wanted to broaden her skills beyond pure finance into general management. She has an MBA and, before setting up bright blue skies, ran a law firm with 170 partners and staff for several years.

In 2008 Linda decided she wanted to pursue her long-standing interest in food and retail businesses. She established bright blue skies so she could work with businesses across a range of creative sectors.

Linda loves being able to help business owners run their businesses better and make their business lives simpler but when she’s not helping business owners reach their goals, she can be found experimenting in the kitchen or trying her hand at letterpress printing.



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As a small business ourselves we are often deep in a client project so the best way to get in touch is to email us and we can work out a convenient time for a proper one-to-one conversation.